Aids in the Repair of Damaged Skin
Help for Skin Congestion

This highly nutritious product contains a wide variety of herbal extracts and essential oils.

It also contains Para-magnetic rock minerals help to transport vitamins, minerals and herbal botanicals deep into the skin.

Organic calendula, Pinus Pinaster (Natural CoQ10), Burdock Root, Stinging Nettle, St Johns Wort and Chickweed extracts have all been traditionally used in the treatment of skin problems and irritation.

Shiitake Mushroom, l-lysine, olive leaf and grape seed extracts all work to improve skin condition and aid in clearing congestion and in reducing local skin irritation.

Quercetin and Coleus are both useful in clearing the skin of congestion.

A broad spectrum of essential fatty acids has been included in replace to ensure that the building blocks for new healthy tissue are present.

Contains - Purified Water GM Free Rice Bran Oil Organic Calendula Extract Para-magnetic Mineral Extract Vegetable Glycerine Organic Lavender Extract Organic Shea Butter Witch Hazel Distillate Lecithin Organic Cocoa Butter Organic Shea Butter Almond Oil Extract Raw Bees Wax Ethanol Citrus Seed Extract Pinus Pinaster Extract(Natural CoQ10) Myrrh Gum & Gum Benzoin Extracts Organic Nettle Extract Organic Chickweed Extract Organic St Johns Wort Extract Organic Self Heal Extract Organic Burdock Root Extract Shiitake Mushroom Extract Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid) Sodium Hyaluronate Guar Gum Wheatgerm Oil(Natural Vitamin E) Lactic Acid Peru Balsam Essential Oil l-lysine Vitamin A(Retinol Palmitate) Agar Agar Coleus Forskholii Extract Organic Arrowroot Extract Lavender Essential Oil Quercetin Olive Leaf Extract Grape Seed Extract Lime Essential Oil Vetiver Essential Oil Rose Otto Essential Oil German Chamomile Essential Oil Rose Geranium Essential Oil

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