37% CoQ10 Extract
Under Moisturiser Spraymist
Cucumber Enzymes for Skin Health
A Heavier Lotion

CoQ10 is an oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC) that occurs widely in nature.

The CoQ10 in this spray mist has been extracted from the bark of Pinus pinaster trees.

CoQ10 is highly anti-oxidant, much more than vitamin E or C.

CoQ10 also protects fatty acids in the skin.

The paramagnetic minerals and fresh organic aloe juice in this spray mist allow for good skin penetration. This penetration of the skin helps to deliver natural CoQ10, organic calendula extract, soothing fresh organic cucumber juice, nurturing rose water and de-toxifying german chamomile essential oil deep into skin.

On its own this mist spray can feel tight on delicate skin, Thus we suggest that you use this CoQ10 mist spray just prior to applying your facial moisturiser.

Contains - Water Pinus Pinaster Extract(CoQ10) Para-magnetic Mineral Extract Organic Cucumber Juice Ethanol Organic Calendula Flower Extract Rose Distillate Almond & Coconut Oil Extracts Vegetable Glycerine Citrus Seed Extract German Chamomile Essential Oil Alpha Lipoic Acid Allantoin MSM Sodium Hyaluronate Retinol Palmitate Niacin(Vit B3)

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