100% Organic Flower Extract
GM Free Ricebran Oil
Prepared Traditionally

Calendula flower extracts are generally de-toxifying. Calendula flower has been shown to generally be an excellent all rounder for skin issues.

Calendula flower infused oils have proven very successful for general skin complaints. High potency calendula flower extracts encourage fast, and truly effective, results.

Roseneath Organics calendula infused ricebran oil is readily absorbed and is suitable for use on delicate and damaged skin.

Ricebran oil contains high levels of oryzanol which is much more antioxidant than vitamin E. Ricebran Oil is a light oil easily absorbed by the skin. Ricebran oil contains minimal amounts of gums and resins compared to other oils and is temperature stable.

Contains 100% cold infused oil from 1:1 volumetric, eight week, active cold infusion prepared traditionally using only organically grown Calendula officinalis flowering tops, high quality GM Free Ricebran oil and sunlight

... Caution ...
Anyone with a sensitivity to aspirin should avoid
the use of high potency calendula flower products !

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