32 % Cold Infused
Organic Calendula Extract
Vitamins A, C and E
Rose, Witch Hazel and Chamomile

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Calendula flower extracts are generally de-toxifying. Calendula flower has been shown to generally be an excellent all rounder for skin issues.

Calendula flower infused oils have proven very successful for general skin complaints. High potency calendula flower extracts encourage fast, and truly effective, results.

Roseneath calendula lotion is light and is readily absorbed by the skin.

Roseneath lotion contains 32% calendula which is 6 to 7 times the calendula content found in most other competing products.

The calendula oil used to make this lotion is cold infused calendula oil as sold in our 100ml bottles. This lotion is fragrance free and generally suitable for use on all skin types and all body areas.

Contains -
GM Free Ricebran Oil
Organic Calendula Extract
Rose Distillate
German Chamomile Distillate
Witch Hazel Distillate
Non-GM Lecithin
Vegetable Glycerine (Food Grade)
Organic Rosemary Extract
Ethanol (Undenatured)
Coconut & Almond Oil Extracts
Benzoin Gum Extract
Myrrh Gum Extract
Xanthan Gum (Food Grade from Ferment)
Wheatgerm Oil (Natural Vitamin E)
Ascorbic Acid (Natural Vitamin C)
Citrus Seed Extract
Grape Seed Extract

... Caution ...
Anyone with a sensitivity to aspirin should avoid
the use of high potency calendula flower products !

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