Cooling and Warming
Concentrated Formula

Roseneath Deep Relief Oil contains a range of essential oils and herbal extracts in a base of menthol, white camphor, salicylic acid and organic high potency calendula oil.

This is NOT just a hot spray.

Spray and wait for cooling or rub into the skin for warming.

Roseneath Deep Relief Oil has been specially formulated for use with Roseneath Slow Release Rub during massage.

This oil enhances the skin penetration of the rub. Just three or four sprays of oil used together with the Roseneath Slow Release Rub will markedly enhance the penetration and the overall effectiveness of the rub.

Contains - Peppermint Menthol White Camphor Essential Oil Eucalyptus Essential Oil GM Free Ricebran Oil Water Ethanol Organic Calendula Extract Wild Thyme Essential Oil Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil Ethanol Salicylic Acid

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