Made Using Organic Olive Leaf
No Essential Oils
No Alcohol
No Added Sugars

Great for persistent stubborn problems.

Contains approximately 1.8 gm/ml Leaf Extract

This product is made using both warm and cold extracts of olive leaf. This ensures that our olive leaf product is effective.

Traditionally olive leaf extracts have been used to aid in relief from respiratory conditions, to soothe sore throats, to reduce the effects and duration of colds and flu as well as to fight fungal conditions.

Used regularly, olive leaf extracts have also been shown to help in the control of blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as simultaneously helping to ease depression, anxiety and tension.

Certain important phyto-chemical components (eg oleuropein, aglycone and elenolic acid) are found to naturally occur in olive leaf. These phyto-chemicals have been shown to be strongly anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. They have also shown to be highly active effective free radical scavengers.

Used daily, as part of a well balanced diet, olive leaf extracts have been shown very beneficial in maintaining and improving human digestion and non-specific immune function.

The most promising clinical human trials using olive leaf extracts have incorporated both vitamins and citrus bio-flavonoids. To be most effective we suggest that this product be taken in conjunction with a good multi-vitamin.

Roseneath Olive Leaf Extract contains no alcohol, no added sugar and is made using water and Kosher vegetable derived glycerine.

Contains Water Vegetable Glycerine Organic Olive Leaf Extract Olive Leaf 20x Concentrate(Olea Europa) Citrus Seed Extract(Citricidal)

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